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  • MPR BV is part of MPS Holding BV; which is a group of independent companies;
  • who operate in the marine equipment and ship repair service industry.
  • On request we offer independent inspection reports for owners, managers and insurance organizations.
  • MPR have two mobile teams; for repairs in locations worldwide.
  • Our workshop capacity is 80 tons.
  • We offer new propellers and blades on request.
  • We continuously optimize our equipment and procedures.
  • The goal of these activities is to improve still further the efficiency and reliability of all our repairs- for the benefit of our customers.

  • MPR specialises in all types of fixed and variable pitch propeller repairs:
    • Cavitation
    • Cracking
    • Straightening
    • Polishing
    • New blade tips
    • Modification of blades
    • Balancing
    • Emergency repairs
    • Blue fitting of Propellers and rudder stocks
  • Two flying squads are available for extensive repairs or inspections worldwide.
  • Our specialist workshops can perform repairs up to a maximum weight of 80 tons.


  • Full machinery repair for most engine manufacturers, pumps, compressors etc.
  • Cryogenic works for LNG carriers including cryogenic valves, pipes and cargo systems
  • Complete boiler systems and deck boilers, boiler survey, inspection and repair
  • Condensers & heat exchangers (cleaning & re-tubing)
  • Rotary equipment, reduction gear inspection and repairs, turbine casing and steam valve repairs, turbo machinery installation and commissioning
  • Inert gas makers; services & spare parts
  • All mechanical works during drydock, alongside or at sea
  • Pitch propeller repairs; fixed and variable (cavitations, cracking, straightening, polishing, new blade tips, modification, balancing, etc.)


  • Marine accommodation works for vessels, offshore platforms, rigs and luxury yachts
  • Supply of approved marine accommodation material such as marine hardcore panels, soft core panels, marine doors, floating floors and carpets
  • Airconditioning installation and repairs


  • Supply of vessels, barges, tugs and pontoons (workboat, survey, crew, diving support vessels, aluminium vessels for survey use and oil field supply)
  • Full range of hydrographics survey including bathometric survey
  • Full range of non-destructive tests
  • Provision, installation and services of navigation aids
  • Site supervision for various types of ships including LNG carriers
  • Provision of marine consultancy
  • Supply of quality marine technicians and operators, flying squads for mechanical and fabrication works
  • Marine technical and operational surveys for vessels
  • Supply of marine equipments and appliances
We aim to lead, by localizing high quality services to the marine industry alongside international partners. By enhancing expertise and retaining knowledge within Qatar, our aspiration is to provide competitive marine services and solutions to all clients, local and international.
• Ship Management Services
• Marine Consultancy
• Marine Trainings Programs
• Ship inspection and Survey
• Marine Supply
• Agency Services
• Supply of Skilled Marine Resources
Sora Marine Services Ltd successfully won the bid of the management of the Multi Purpose Research Vessel (MPRV) 'Janan'. Under the contract Sora Marine provides the full management of the vessel including all maintenance, upkeep and operations
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Marine Consultation fully provided by the team of Sora Marine
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Sora Marine Training Academy is the only RYA (Royal Yachting Association) accredited powerboat training centre in Qatar.
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Specialized Ship Repairs & Services for LNG carriers, Naval, and Mega Yachts
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Marine Supply are fully provided by the team of Sora Marine
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Supply of Skilled Marine Resources fully provided by the team of Sora Marine
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Marine Training

Sora Marine Training is the only RYA (Royal Yachting Association) accredited powerboat training centre in Qatar..

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Marisol Qatar

Marisol Qatar is a diving division member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)..

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Clydeside Surveys WLL specialises in all forms of Hydrographic surveying..

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