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  • Clydeside Surveys (CSL) is a family company that has operated as a private hydrographic and bathymetric services company for more than 35 years. Our director, Kevin Gallagher has extensive global experience, including years of experience throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Europe prior to the creation of CSL.

  • For more details log on to www.clydeside-surveys.co.uk

Clydeside Surveys WLL specialises in the following services:

  • Bathymetric Survey: To enable planning, dredge control etc. We have been carrying out Bathymetric Surveys for over 34 years and have built up a unique client base. Throughout our company life we have continually maintained a comprehensive stock of the latest navigational and echosounding equipment.
  • Side Scan Sonar Survey: For debris location and geophysical investigation. We strongly recommend the use of this technique, especially when the client requires the identification and location of an obstruction laying on the seabed. This obstruction could be a wreck, a cable, or in fact any significant object laying on or proud of the seabed.
  • Shallow Seismic Survey:The majority of our work in this field is during the early planning stages for dredging and pipeline installation projects. It is essential, if dredging is envisaged, that the client and consultant accurately estimate the cost of dredging.
  • Oceanographic Survey:This science can be applied to our routine field of hydrography in the form of dye tracing, drogue tracking, current metering, benthic testing etc. A major application of these surveys is in the early planning stages of effluent outfalls where recent legislation specifically demands high levels of investigation and modelling.
  • Pipe Route Survey:This type of survey plays a large part of Clydeside Surveys' investigative work. We utilise most other aspects of our work for Pipe Route Surveys.
  • Inshore Site Investigation:We can carry out CPT, benthic, PSD & ADCP surveys. Clydeside Surveys have extensive experience on inshore marine site investigation, especially in relation to pipe route and outfall design.
Bathymetric Survey:

  • Over the past 20 years we have been at the forefront of DGPS technology, providing our surveyors with all weather positioning to within +/- 0.02m throughout the world.
  • Clydeside Surveys Qatar utilise the latest in automated software packages, which enables us to provide our clients with data far quicker and far more cost effectively than even a few years ago.
  • Our submissions are designed to be easy to interpret and include colour coded contouring at any required intervals, depth data, all available digital topographic data and the clients outline proposals and designs, etc.
  • Much of our bathymetric survey work is in relation to navigational proving surveys and pre and post dredging surveys for which we can provide a professional and cost effective positioning and quantity evaluation service.
  • For 10 years we have been providing multibeam echosounding (MBES) surveys for our clients. This system has consistently proven to supply accurate bathymetric data in a fraction of the time normally associated with post dredge surveys. The coverage is desigend to be at least 100% and we have found the results to be even more repeatable than our singlebeam surveys.
Side Scan Sonar:

  • We use a GeoAcoustics high frequency side scan sonar system with a dual frequency tow-fish.
  • The system consists of a towed underwater fish which sends out short high frequency, high intensity sound bursts which are beamed from either side of the fish in a direction perpendicular to the direction of travel.
  • The acoustic beam is narrow in the horizontal plane yet sufficiently broad in the vertical plane to produce echoes from the seabed to points 150 metres or more abeam of the transducer.
  • These echoes, once detected by the transducers, are sent via the tow cable to the recorder which electronically processes the signals and prints them, line by line, to produce the sonar image on an Ultra 200 series recorder. Alternatively this data can be digitally recorded for digital processing or analysis on a CODA unit.
  • The Ultra 120 recorder has three channels, two of which will be utilised to record the side scan sonar data. For most survey work, a high resolution 390kHz towfish will be used with the system set to either 25 or 50 metres per channel, providing a swath width of 50 or 100 metres centred on each survey line.
  • For operations in confined spaces such as in shallow water or close to known constructions we use an Odom pole mounted sonar. This allows us to work up very close to quay walls and other vessels without the snagging problems associated with towing a fish astern of the survey vessel.


  • Supply of vessels, barges, tugs and pontoons (workboat, survey, crew, diving support vessels, aluminium vessels for survey use and oil field supply)
  • Full range of hydrographics survey including bathometric survey
  • Full range of non-destructive tests
  • Provision, installation and services of navigation aids
  • Site supervision for various types of ships including LNG carriers
  • Provision of marine consultancy
  • Supply of quality marine technicians and operators, flying squads for mechanical and fabrication works
  • Marine technical and operational surveys for vessels
  • Supply of marine equipments and appliances
We aim to lead, by localizing high quality services to the marine industry alongside international partners. By enhancing expertise and retaining knowledge within Qatar, our aspiration is to provide competitive marine services and solutions to all clients, local and international.
• Ship Management Services
• Marine Consultancy
• Marine Trainings Programs
• Ship inspection and Survey
• Marine Supply
• Agency Services
• Supply of Skilled Marine Resources
Sora Marine Services Ltd successfully won the bid of the management of the Multi Purpose Research Vessel (MPRV) 'Janan'. Under the contract Sora Marine provides the full management of the vessel including all maintenance, upkeep and operations
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Marine Consultation fully provided by the team of Sora Marine
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Sora Marine Training Academy is the only RYA (Royal Yachting Association) accredited powerboat training centre in Qatar.
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Specialized Ship Repairs & Services for LNG carriers, Naval, and Mega Yachts
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Marine Supply are fully provided by the team of Sora Marine
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Supply of Skilled Marine Resources fully provided by the team of Sora Marine
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Marine Training

Sora Marine Training is the only RYA (Royal Yachting Association) accredited powerboat training centre in Qatar..

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Marisol Qatar

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Clydeside Surveys WLL specialises in all forms of Hydrographic surveying..

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